About Ayaan

Ayaan is founder of Travel Tribe Africa & a SSI Scuba Diving Instructor, with a love for the continent and family connections in Kenya, South Africa and Morocco.

Ayaan’s Story

You can read more about me on the Travel Tribe Africa website.

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Travel Tribe Africa

Your African travel adventure starts here!

Travel Tribe Africa is a blog and website for those who love to experience new cultures and action-packed adventures in Africa first-hand. You can find out more at https://traveltribeafrica.com

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Scuba 2000

Scuba 2000 is a leading, family-friendly SSI scuba diving training facility, based in the UK, with 25+ years’ experience. We teach on a low student to instructor basis, go beyond industry standards and offer flexible training schedules to suit our clients.

Learn to dive with us in Leicestershire, UK and be ready for your travel adventures!

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Supporting Others

Ayaan has always enjoyed helping people and giving back to society. He believes that there is nothing more powerful than being involved directly with the people who he is supporting. In 2016, Ayaan joined Safina Charity, an Islamic relief charity in Kenya, on their annual Ramadhan food distribution programme to poor, remote regions in Northern Kenya, close the borders of Ethiopia and Somalia. This was an incredibly powerful experience for Ayaan and put many things into perspective. He has committed to helping more people in Africa during his lifetime.

Ramadhan 2018 video
East Africa crisis 2017 video
Ramadhan 2016 photos